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Labyrinths have appeared on every continent in prehistory including the Americas, India and Africa. The design is estimated to be over 5,000 years old and is believed to have evolved from other universal symbol sets, including the circle, spiral and cross. Labyrinths can be large enough to walk or small enough to fit in your pocket. Regardless of size the benefits are the same. Try it out with the sample on the left.

Table-top labyrinths are great for meditating at home or at your office.  Simply use a stylus or your finger to trace the path into the center of the labyrinth, pause and then retrace your path out of the labyrinth. You will feel the stress leave your mind and body as the calmness and peace enter. You can also find many walking labyrinths throughout the world, use this link to find one near you.

Small desktop Labyrinth with stylus
Outdoor Walking Labyrinth 

I love making labyrinths, so if you may have a favorite piece of wood or wooden object that you cherish and wish to incorporate into your meditation practice, reach out to me and I will gladly quote you a price.


Handkerchief Labyrinth
Bowl Labyrinth with spoon stylus
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