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Community Projects

The focus I have given to my yard, has led me to become I involved with several local projects. I have becomea member of my town's Conservation Commission, helped with the regional Pollinator Pathway. I feel that if enough of us work to make our own neighborhoods better places, eventually things will improve globally.

To learn about our local pollinator pathway, click on the bee.


Although I enjoy working on the Pathway and the Conservation Commission, I am most excited to be part of The Ecotype Project which is overseen by The Connecticut division of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. The portion of the project that I am involved with is a collaboration between Highstead in Redding, CT and The Hickories in Ridgefield, CT., which is focused on creating founder beds of local ecotype wildflowers. The establishment of these wildflower plots enables us to grow, harvest  and preserve seed from locally native wildflowers. To learn more about this amzing Ecotype Porject click here,

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