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I Find Comfort

blooms and buzzing week (6/52)

cradled in the rhythms

of a waxing and waning moon

of Pulmonaria rising once more

from brittle, brown leaves

of the return of buzzing busyness

in a waterfall of cherry blossoms

and of the morse code tapping

yellow-bellied sapsuckers sending

messages out to ride on the wind

I find comfort

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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
2020년 4월 10일

I don't know how I missed Pulmonaria Moonshine in the garden, but I am going to find some when this all slithers into another way of being out in the world. We are so enjoying the yellow bellied sapsuckers up here, too, along with a host of ravens, finches, titmice, four other woodpeacker species, blue birds, mourning doves, robins, cardinals, on and on. I can't even name them. I have been suddenly seized by metaphors of bread on Holy Friday. I will tell you about them sometime. I am almost in shock. I don't think I ever really experienced myth before at this depth. And to have it on this day.

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