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a trifecta of pearls

Updated: May 26, 2020

May 15 - 20 Week 6/72

memories of my grandmother

have been walking with me

as pots of pansies appear on porches

and the heady scent of lilacs arrives

long before they come into view

thoughts of Pearl kneeling with her flowers

bring a smile and an enveloping warmth

she loved time spent in her gardens

more than even the much anticipated

Saturday broadcast of Off to the Races

with her tickets to each race tucked into

the pocket of her soft, cotton apron

today a trifecta emerges before me

as Wake-Robins are discovered

flowers triumphantly growing

from a whorl of three green leaves

drawing closer to admire these tributes

to the rule of three I am mindful

others are menacingly close and so

I leave them be and slowly approach

the weeping cherry, a cardinal's nest

secreted in its branches with

two young still tucked deep inside

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