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March 26 - March 30 Week 68/72

the worm moon vanishes as the sun

emerges above one hill while

washes of light seep down another

and daffodils push up through layers

of leaves slowly dissolving back into the soil

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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Apr 01, 2021

I wrote in here yesterday, but I was on my phone and I think I forgot to click on publish. I went out and took a look around the yard a bit yesterday and yes! The somethingorothers, I can't remember what I planted, are pushing up through the leaves. The crows are more and more insistent on their food being delivered on time (exactly when the sun comes up, rain or shine). Irises are up, a few hosta tops. But the main thing I feel pushing up is anxiety. In me. The beginning of gardening season brings--every year--more anxiety than at any other time. The food crops don't have enough sun. Should I give the pitiful asparagus another year? Do…

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