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winter harvest

December 2 - December 6 Week 45 /72

carefully shaking little packages of hope

loose from brittle brown seed heads

with fingers as bone dry as the chaff

I contemplate the quiet gestation of

cardinal flowers, yarrows and ironweeds

contentedly waiting as agitated clouds arrive

releasing showers of large snowglobe flakes

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1 Comment

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Dec 07, 2020

I'm trying to think what happened with my seed gathering. I gathered enough poppy seeds two years ago to pretty much take over the yard. It was unbelievable. This year, with the remainder, I put most of them on the hill coming down to the firepit. Took out all of the blackberries except 2, and most of the raspberries. I'll bet there were 25 plants. I let the Labrador violets go wild, and so they are holding soil now interspersed with five mountain laurels, a few poppies, and some lilacs. The sad truth is that everything is diminishing. The trees are almost 30 feet higher than when I moved here, and the sun is radically diminished. I may have to…

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