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winter ways

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

February 9 - February 13 Week 59/72

layered generations of snow

have been building and building

thin, soft, thick, crunchy, topped

with a dusting of near weightless

flakes clinging to the dry and brittle

remains of last summer's flowers as

water freezes, thaws and freezes again

forming long, crystalline carrots of ice

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1 Comment

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Feb 14, 2021

I absolutely love the idea of layered generations of snow. I'd never thought of it that way, although (I know, you won't be surprised), I was out yesterday and noticed that the huge Schoodic pine right my the front steps was gone!! It's a horizontal grower. I went over to look for it, and (yes, you guessed) I think there were at least five generations of snow, and the third generation was almost 2" thick ice--covering entire 1 1/2" thick branches--with up to three generations of increasingly light snow on top. I hacked away, hoping that I have at least saved the limbs from breaking. I think the pine really does belong up in its namesake home. The winds howl…

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