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144 seasons within 2 years

April 20 - April 24

I lean into the curve of the tree's trunk

both of us warmed by the morning sun

and songs of birds whose names

I have learned and forgotten

then made my own

happy tail bobber

rhapsody in orange and

soft floating whisperer

rooted in place, tree and human take in the

throbbing pulses of life cycles reverberating

through a raft of bubbles accompanied by

two snapping turtles thrashing underwater

and the brilliance of marsh marigold blooms

familiar rhythms repeated and repeated

creating room for assurances and hope

breeding understanding of self and others

To my cherished readers,

Although this is my final post for "meditating with Fibonacci", as this poem shows, life will pulse on and I will continue to observe and create. I am sure that the universe will continue to surprise me, inspire me and offer me guidance with my next form of expression. Rejoice in each and every moment that you are given to take in the wonders of this wonderful world.



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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens

Jean, I will miss these beautiful seasons, but they are embedded in my heart. Again, I am amazed at the coincidences with our life here. I almost cried this weekend when I was out surveying damage from a recent downpour and came on my marsh marigolds thriving at the edge of the swamp. I never dreamed they would survive. Oddly, yesterday I had a positive Covid test, but I can feel something lifting. Maybe fear is leaving? Finally knowing I will live through this.

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