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at last

April 10 - April 14

warm air has flown in on

silent great blue heron wings

parting clouds and coaxing turtles

to bask on floating snakelike

water lily tubers

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2 commentaires

Jean Linville
Jean Linville
19 avr. 2022

I too am sad to think that the 72 seasons will soon be ending, but with 2 years worth of entries equaling a Fibonacci number(144), I feel that the universe is saying that it is time to pause. I really want to revisit each of my entries, edit, revise and pull them together into some sort of chap book or garden journal. I am sure I will do something more with the 72 seasons and that I will be as surprised as you! I LOVE your turkey story! It seems all beings were in basking mode.😊


Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
15 avr. 2022

I hope this makes you laugh. I was out trying to photograph two wild turkeys yesterday. They had walked up on the back deck, and by the time I found my phone, they were down in the garden basking on some warm rocks. For just an instant, I was sure you had witnessed a turkey basking on the water lilies! I can’t get my mind off Ukraine. I wish you wouldn’t be wrapping up your 72 project, but I’m sure you will have another startling treat for us as you reconfigure your amazing self!

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