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a touch

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

January 15 - January 19 Week 54/72

a sifted sprinkling

of powdered sugar snow

making frozen patches visible

along with wintry Lilliputian worlds

populated with half inch fungi and feathery moss

snowflakes linger in the shadows while I chase

moving wedges of light across the yard seeking

to recharge my soul with face turned up to the sun

muscles relaxing into the warmth imbued with

the sage wisdom of a thin old cat who

comes to visit nestling herself into

the corner of the front porch

basking on flagstones

now radiating heat

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1 Comment

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Jan 20, 2021

Things are starting to morph right before my eyes now. I honestly thought the picture on the right was the cold nose of some exotic gorilla-like creature. As I looked closer, I thought I saw eyes. Then I saw eyes of the cat seeking warmth on the stone at the top of the middle picture. I began to think this was pushing things when the picture to the left instantaneously morphed into a stingray. Maybe it is because this is inauguration day, and Bethe is turning into another animal, too! Hooray for January 20!!!

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