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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

December 12 - December 16 Week 47/72

I scanned the ice blue sky all week

hoping to see the eagle again

like an eager child bursting with excitement

taking skyward glances every few minutes

searching and searching

for the first promised snowflakes

of a school-cancelling nor'easter until

eventually moving onto other things

just when it is the last thing on my mind

dark wings appear spread wide against

a thick quilt of snow laden clouds

soaring on the building wind carrying

the first dusting of sparkling white joy

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1 comentario

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
17 dic 2020

I absolutely LOVE "thick quilt of snow laden clouds". Our flocks of crows are arriving to maybe 6" deep powder on the huge granite outcrop outside the living room French doors. I've been leaving Meow Mix for them. They still bolt when they see my shadow coming to the door with their treats, but occasionally they will go only as far as one of the big leafless oaks or maples. The other birds are coming in whole flocks to get at the hanging feeders. It's so celebratory. They are going through 25 pounds of black sunflower kernels a week!!

Your middle picture looks just like the surface of my sourdough bread :))

Me gusta
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