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autumn mornings

September 28 - October 2 Week 32/72

are filled with an earthy perfume

damp leaves mixed with the faintest hint

of wood smoke from a newly stoked fire

hoping to chase away the cool night air

that slipped in through cracks and under doors

are bathed in orange-tinged light brushed onto

hilltops and the petals of the last Calendula blooms

as crows roughly call back and forth from trees

whose leaves are beginning to break free

slowly spiraling, like aged ballerinas, to the ground

are graced with fleeting visits from geese

arrived from somewhere off to the north

pausing to rest and eat with the remaining

wood ducks regally retracing their favorite

routes around the lake before they too take leave

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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
04 Οκτ 2020

Our calendulas are hanging on, too So are the tomatoes! Nobody stoking fires just yet, as it hasn't been that cold here by the ocean. Very cold just a mile and a half away in town. It has been so dry, though. The swamp level is down, and the soil is dry under the dampish crust. I have to take down the Boneset (part of Joe Pye family) today. We did not get the usual cluster of monarchs or really many butterflies at all this year. They love that bush. BUT, I don't know that I would ever plant it again. It's roots are like iron, and it took us literally about 15 hours to get a four-year-old Joe Py…

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