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captains of industry

November 7 - November 11 Week 40/72

waking in the colorless hours of early morning

several muscles complain of yesterday's efforts

days of unexpected warmth have created

opportunities for a flurry of last minute industry

dragging pots of geraniums outside, then inside

draining, drying and rolling hoses

gathering seed from basil plants whose leaves

now rest in neat layers packed in the freezer

my reward, a jacketless paddle around the lake

I move to the window, stretching slowly

my back loosening as a russet orange glow

infused with the colors of fallen pine needles

and oak leaves rises, weaving in and out

of the red winged blackbird nest now visible

in a grassy hummock, then bathing a beaver

in warm honey-colored hues as it snacks

on water lily stems just before it disappears

into stands of cattails soon to be

harvested, floated and stored for winter

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