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August 8- August 12 Week 22/72

the days have become noticeably shorter

hours in the garden seem to be slipping

right through my calloused fingers as

blooms fade and seed heads begin to appear

most of the plants have quieted and seem, like me,

fatigued from carrying the weighted blanket

of August's heat day after day

as the sun retreats along with the laughs

of young children a coolness creeps into the garden

carrying with it the smell of rain that has

fallen somewhere to the north

colors dissolve into an almost uniform blackness

and yet I linger under the soft light of a half moon

a slow crescendo of cricket and tree frog songs

encourage me to stay and explore the night

pin dots of eyes glow red and yellow

as iridescent wings flap and nectar is sipped

the ink cloaked world of mischievous triplet raccoons,

hungry spiders, grasshoppers, peeper frogs,

and resting bees comes into view as the lights

in nearby houses click off one by one

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