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January 25 - January 29 Week 56/72

the wolf moon has set the mood

snow so cold it squeaks underfoot

trees that creak and pop with slightest

push from the whistling north wind

preludes to a stage now empty and silent

the swoosh of an undulating curtain

of grackles rising up out of the marsh

sends a rush of energy out into the air

as a pileated woodpecker tap tap taps

a conductor signaling musicians

beginning with the rhythmic hum

of swan wings followed with the

entrance of familiar strings of notes

cheer, cheer of the cardinal's call

teakettle trills of a Carolina wren

tucked between the well-spaced notes

of delightful little song sparrows

familiar rhythms of winter suddenly

spiced with guest performances

three newly arrived bluebirds

tu-a-wee tu-a-wee tu-a-wee

and a bit of high drama as crows

caw caw caw at a large red-tailed hawk

till it takes flight to find another

place to roost and quiet descends

before the grand finale

hundreds of blackbirds drop to the ground

peppering the unfrozen edge of the lake

with their busy black bodies noisily chattering

splashing and scratching for food then suddenly

rising as one filling a dozen trees with canopies of song

until dusk descends and the stage darkens once again

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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens

I am without words today, so shocked by the denial of Sandy Hook, the attack by Jews to create the fires in northern California. I have retreated into my flock of crows who for some reason send sentinels to watch the stack of peanuts we leave in case a marauder is hiding. I can't feel the usual peace of winter. I am as skittery as the birds.

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