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personality of water

November 2 - November 6 Week 39/72

mesmerized by the tiniest

dew drops hanging onto

individual clover leaf hairs

I pause and think about water

glistening orbs produced by forces unseen

hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen

when is it the happiest?

rising to make ripples that cascade

from the back of a beaver heading home?

flowing in streams of air high above

chasing the sun across continents and oceans?

falling gently, not bending a petal or

when mustering forces moving all in its way?

transforming as it falls into frozen pellets or

flash-freezing autumn leaves suspended in place?

reaching for the rain gauge I startle

a downy woodpecker that has spent a cool night

tucked into the small wooden birdhouse nearby

I breathe in sharply, caught off guard then

release a joyful exhale that mixes with air

silently stirred by checkered wings

heading off to who knows where

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