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pieces of pumpkin

October 8 - October 12 Week 34/72

calico and blue wood asters are bookends for

a growing season winding down with the daylight

ripened pumpkins have been naively placed on the stoop

an unknown danger lurks, in this year with few tree nuts

morning light revealing the carnage left by voracious squirrels

gnawed flesh, gaping holes, pumpkin pieces strewn about the yard

lamenting the loss of a good pot of soup I gather the shards

of bright orange pumpkin from the still green grass

adding them to the compost conjures up magic

pulled weeds, vegetable ends, numerous eggshells

no longer discernible, individuals no more

the bounty of summer has been transformed

into rich and fertile soil that will nourish

new seedlings just placed in the greenhouse

talismans of a harvest to come

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