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sung in the key of blue

October 13 - October 17 Week 35/72

at the western edge of the lake

the morning sky begins peeling back the darkness

revealing remnants of fog drifting over smooth

steely grey water overwashed with an uninterrupted

layer of slate blue until reflections of the world overhead

intervene and a lone swan glides by drawing

a shimmering silver line across the surface

sending soft waves rippling out to the shore

the sun follows a low arc across the sky gaily throwing

splashes of brilliant light here and there

but it is no match for the exuberant sprays

of yellow witch hazel blooms bursting with joy

against a cloudless, cerulean blue sky coupled with

glimpses of two bashful bluebirds darting about vibrant

magenta branches hoping to fill their white bellies

with deep, indigo blue, pokeweed berries

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