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sparse elegance

December 7 - December 11 Week 46 /72

of the first crystalline sheet of

lake ice stretching shore to shore

air bubbles captured and frozen in time

of a frosted map of intricately etched

islands and opaque oceans of chilled

water vapor radiating out across windshields

of a gentle early morning snow frosting

the frozen surface of the lake leaving dark

mysterious circular windows into the world below

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1 Comment

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Dec 12, 2020

This 1/72 we witnessed very different emotions playing out on the iced landscape. I re-experienced myself scooting down the stairs from the kitchen to the safety of our new granite walkway, and suddenly finding myself knocked down and witnessing two broken wrists. Then came silent self-scolding for not wearing my (what are they called, anyway?) rubber things for boots with little metal cleats that claw into the slick ice. Why had I parked in such a way that I would need to find patches of unfrozen grass between house and Subaru to walk on? I would need to cling to its icy body as I slowly stepped all the way around to the driver's side.

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