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transformations are woven

September 13 - September 17 Week 29/72

into faint stripes on cabbage loopers

moving methodically from leaf to leaf

into spun brown globes of garden spider egg sacs

suspended in a net of gossamer threads

into the approaching autumnal equinox riding

in on diamonds of dew now clinging to milkweed silk

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1 Comment

Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
Sep 18, 2020

I think your season is now ahead of ours. I looked for weavings, but I haven't found any! The milkweed still hasn't opened. It has had a rough year for some reason, but the monarchs and one black and white butterfly I can't identify are all over the Boneset flowers. I'm thinking "blankets" these days. And, I'm thinking of perennial leaves as dresses, so I guess that is kind of weavings! The blackberries had persisted along the top

edge of the garden by the labyrinth, but they struggled and grew huge roots and sour berries. So, with thanks for the effort on their part, I pulled them and am "installing" a brilliant red winter necklace of mountain laurel. Five plants,…

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