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2 speeds

July 12 - July 16

over, under, through

a flashy black and yellow

millipede motors right along

as nearby life moves

at a very different pace

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Bethe Hagens
Bethe Hagens
17 jul. 2021

And here we are again on the same mindset. . .only I was watching a garter snake wriggle through one of the upper beds as a slug managed, over the course of several hours, moved enough to eat a huge portion of Sea Kale leaf. I sometimes imagine that the snakes know how fast I move compared to their speed, and judge accordingly. The slugs, I am convinced, don't even sense my presence, my speed being beyond their ability to perceive. And at the same time, the hummingbirds must believe I virtually stand still. The invaders continue to eat everything. I've decided to let them at it. Maybe this is part of WAM--Wild Animals Matter. It's pretty overwhelming thinking of…

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