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7th Generation Thinking & the 116th Congress

Seventh generation thinking comes from the wisdom of the Iroquois. This wisdom urges that current generations live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation in the future, (approximately 140 years from now). That means that every one of our decisions, policies and actions should in some way support the well-being and sustainability of children who will be born seven generations in the future.

rake riding shotgun

Today the 116th United States Congress began their work, hopefully with Seventh Generational thinking in mind, and so did I. Now is a time for action for all of us! To this end, today I became a blogger and I allowed a garden rake to ride shotgun with me in my Subaru. I hope to use this blog to promote stewardship of our planet in a manageable way. Sometimes, 7th Generation thinking, can be overwhelming especially in light of all of the pressing concerns we are currently faced with. The best way to not get bogged down, is to focus on some manageably-sized projects that you are passionate about.

As our newly-elected leaders attempt to re-open our government and re-focus our country's actions to those that are more sustainable, each of us also needs to do what we can, where we can to help get the ball rolling. The rake rode shotgun with me today as I drove to the end of the lake that I live on in order to clean out the clogged dam outtake. This small action, helps control erosion and street and yard flooding. Not bad for 10 minutes worth of work.

In closing please also think of our National Parks. If you will be visiting one or you live near one, please CARRY OUT WHAT YOU CARRY IN and even better, help clear up some of the garbage that is being left behind. A government shutdown should not leave our Parks buried in trash! We are better than this. Lets give our government employees a helping hand.

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