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History Lessons & "Can Do" Attitude

This week marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Invasion of Normandy. The lessons are many from that seminal event and the ongoing war against tyranny, but the one that struck me the most was that of the surviving "Rosie the Riveters". As important as it is to remember our veterans and those who lost their lives, I feel that it is equally important to honor and remember those who stepped into new roles to keep our country running and able to support those who were off fighting abroad. If you click on the image above, you can hear a wonderful interview that Andrea Mitchell conducted with several of these amazing women who are still alive. There are some fascinating facts that emerge throughout the interviews, one of which is that full=day childcare was provided on-site for the children of the women who working for the war effort.

These women epitomized the "Can Do" attitude that permeated our country during World War II. They picked up tools. learned a trade and entered fields that women had never worked in before in the factories and shipyards across the country. Victory Gardens were planted coast to coast to feed ourselves and the troops. People willingly rationed goods and supported raw materials being used for the troops. Nothing was viewed as impossible and largely due to this concerted effort the U.S. and it's allies were able to defeat the Nazis.

The only other time that I can think of a similar concerted effort being embraced by Americans was when President Kennedy inspired the country to try and put a man on the moon. This seemingly impossible "pipe dream" also became a reality once the country jumped on the space bandwagon.

For me, the takeaway of all of this is that it is time for all Americans to once again answer the call of service, this time for planet earth. The issues seem daunting and impossible to solve, but if we all work together to become a beacon of hope while forming alliances with other countries, "We Can Do It!"

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