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Knock, Knock & A Medicine Bag

The "falling back" of time this past weekend has meant that I am ushered indoors by the falling darkness before dinner. This means that not only do I have time for reading, but I also have time to organize and sort through things that I have been collecting and ignoring, often for many months. So, the other day, I decided to tackle a pile papers that were on my desk and there I found an old issue of Natural Awakenings that I had set aside months and month ago. It was opened to an article about collective consciousness and I quickly deemed it worthy of a more careful read later that night. This would prove to be the first "knock" of the universe attempting to grab my attention. Here are a few excerpts:

"...leading voices point to promising signs of progress in a developing collective awareness that acknowledges life's interconnectedness and embodies life-affirming beliefs and values."

"I think that we are much closer to a global spiritual tipping point than ever before"(quoting John Hagelin)

"Zaya and Mauizio Benazzo, founders of the Science and Nonduality conference (SAND), agree that individual awakening and the collective movement toward the understanding of our fundamental oneness is is crucial to social transformation." If you would like to read the full article, click on the image above.

​​The second "knock" would come the very next day with an email from a friend letting me know about an amazing global film and documentary series event happening via the internet known as the Time of the Sixth Sun. The feature movie and documentary series were 11 years in the making and are about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness and the huge potential that currently exists for change in the world. The series features over 85 indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, visionary thought leaders. Even though the film was released yesterday, it will be available through Saturday and the series has daily releases over the course of the coming week.m so if you are interested, click on the image and sign up!

Needless to say, after the second "knock" It was becoming apparent to me that I was being told to pay a bit more attention to the concept of collective consciousness and then the third "knock" came. This occurred yesterday when I went to meditation at The Center for Mindfulness and Insight Meditation. I parked in the side lot and made a quick stop to check on the pollinator garden that I planted this spring with the help of a friend. From there, I walked towards the meditation barn and passed a bench that had a clear plastic bag hanging on it that said "Look at me, Read me, Take me..." and so I did. Inside was a page of text, a marker and a tiny woven basket. Here is a bit of the text, "On Nov. 3, 2019 twenty women gathered together in Monroe, CT with one mission in mind: to spread healing energy to those in need. We prayed as we wove hemp twine into medicine bags. When we were done we placed a small object from nature inside with a blessing that whoever might find this bag would find healing for whatever might be on their mind, on their hearts, or in their bodies...Our wish is that this medicine bag will be the catalyst for your own self-healing and in turn will help to raise the vibration of collective human consciousness." I don't think there is anything else to say other than WOW! Knock, knock, who's there? Potentially all beings! Count me in.

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