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Finicky & Simplicity

The first week of February has already slid into the past and so far, the month has been typically finicky. It is a month that seems to struggle with what it wants to be day to day and sometimes seemingly moment to moment. An uncharacteristically warm day quickly fades into memory as you awaken the next morning to a new, bitterly cold and windblown day. And then there are the days that are like a panicked teenager frantically searching for the perfect outfit. These are days when weather is thrown about like so many discarded outfits, none seeming to match the day's desires. First dark, low clouds spewing rain, then wind and hints of blue quickly followed by sleet, a little snow and then some more rain and wind. After the day exhausts itself, it finally settles back into a temporary calmness and the temperature settles in somewhere near normal.

The roller coaster ride of weather conditions is challenging enough at times that I simply decide to stay indoors. A trip outside to fill the bird feeder and empty my rain gauge quickly confirms that this is indeed an indoor day and I shake off the wind, raindrops and sleet as I rush back inside. While the cold rain splashes off the windows and the wind chimes begin singing louder and louder, I set about making a pot of coffee, and checking on my sprouts. Simple pleasures. Inside my "Kitchen Garden" are growing the most delicious corn sprouts! After rinsing and watering them, I begin to carefully harvest any that are ready. They will add a full-throated flavor of summer to my winter salad later in the day. My Kitchen Garden, belonged originally to my parents and it could easily be fifty years old. As I gently place my harvest into a container for safe keeping until later, memories flood into my mind and warm my heart much as the mug of fresh-brewed coffee warms my still chilled hands. The miracle of sprouts, family, a cup of good strong coffee, a cozy chair and a good book; the simplicity of a good day.

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