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for 21 minutes

May 31 - June 5

a newly arrived monarch

with travel worn wings

flew in undulating circles

on a soft breeze finally

landing on flowering sage

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at last

1 Comment

Jun 07, 2021

I LOVE the image of travel worn wings. So tender. Our sage is out there, but only the more compact dark blue spears are out. Not a single butterfly yet, but we usually get them much later. To be honest, Id like to go on a trip NOW. My weed- worn hands are still happy, though. Did I tell you I am doing a short reflection with six color photos for a European journal, Intl Journal of Terrace Agriculture. They are doing a special edition, Women in Terraced Horticulture. I FINALLY recognized that this is what I’m doing. It has been so exciting to realize, and all the water conservation and paths as beds as paths on and on! Plea…

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